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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Robertson-Wesley United Church

I am going to do a series on sacred spaces. I am reading American Gods right now and it has me thinking about the power of road side attractions and other such magical spots. Blogger also seems to have issues uploading photos today.

Robertson-Wesley United Church is a church located a short distance west of the downtown core of the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the neighbourhood of Oliver. In addition to being a place of worship, the church is also a popular venue for music events.
The current congregation was formed in 1971 when the congregations of Robertson United Church and Wesley United Church merged. The new congregation moved into the Robertson United Church building.
The church building is an example of High Victorian Gothic Revival architecture featuring a barrel vaulted ceiling, curved pews, and excellent acoustics.[1]


Kim said...

Mark, Super photo! What lens were you using for this one? I look forward to more of this series. Great idea!
Seattle Daily Photo

Mark said...

Hey Kim,

This is my Wide Angle 18-55mm. Canon of course ;-)

Anonymous said...

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