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Please enjoy my perspective of one of of the fastest growing urban areas this side of China.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Have You Figured Out I'm Gay Yet?

Visible minorities accounted for 17.1% of Edmonton’s total population in 2006, up from 14.6% in 2001. This was the fifth highest proportion among Canada’s census metropolitan areas. Reaching 175,295 in 2006, Edmonton’s visible minority population grew by 29.1% between 2001 and 2006, almost three times faster than the 10.6% growth rate for the overall population of Edmonton.Chinese comprised the largest visible minority group in Edmonton, representing 4.6% of Edmonton’s total population, and 26.9% of the CMA’s visible minority population. South Asian was the second largest visible minority group in Edmonton, representing 3.9% of Edmonton’s total population, and 22.9% of its visible minority population.

Just in case it wasn't obvious to you.. I'M GAY. Various shot of men, gay pride parades, ABBA references and schooling in the preforming arts should have tipped ya off. Anyways.. Happy Friday guys and galls. This weekend will be the start of Fringe. Look for a new photo theme comming soon.


Nathalie said...

What a great way to do your coming out LOL
Makes me wanna be gay too. There's so much fun in your photos!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from BC! Loved the photo of the black guy with glitter on his chest. Woof!

Anonymous said...

Hello People, This is the black guy from that photo. I think there has been a misunderstanding because "I'AM NOT GAY!". But at the same time I have hard feeling. What I believe is the person who posted the photos from the 2007 Cariwest parade was trying to do was inform you of minoritys in Edmonton.
He mentioned he was gay, inconvineantly under my photo. So again Black guy in the 2007 Cariwest Photo holding the water gun is not Gay.
Who ever made the posting to give the general public info on Edmonton and it's minority report, is Gay.
I have no hard feelings I really dont care what gay people do but my friends and family who have seen this want me to do something about it.
As a straight man I enjoy pussy very much,but I'am sorry to say there must be tons of photos of me out in the world and if any of us gets mad because some one with to much time on their hands wants to try and humiliate us then we will never enjoy life. And I enjoyed being a part of Cariwest and will continue taking part no matter how meny photos come out trying to convay a misrepresentation of my self.
Sorry to who ever posted this but I'm not really bothered by it.

Have a gay day, oop! I mean great day people. (lol) just a little joke.

Anyway I'm out, I've been forced to wast enough of my time on this.


Anonymous said...

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