Edmonton is one of the largest northern urban centers in the world. Located in Canada, Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. The city has a strong history as a trade center, and it served as the last major stop for the Klondikers during the Gold Rush. This is why we Edmontonions call our city "The Gateway to the North"

Please enjoy my perspective of one of of the fastest growing urban areas this side of China.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Work'n so Hard in the City!

There was a fantastic political cartoon in the paper today. It showed a man screaming and very visibly upset. Under the Winter heading he decries the state of the roads and all the potholes. Then the cartoon shows the same man in the summer This time his is visibly upset over all the summer construction and he asks why they have to fix the roads?
I feel like this only happens in Alberta, but I sure many more can relate to this ironic cartoon.

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