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Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Frozen Apples

The news has reported multiple Coyote sightings. They often live in the river valley system and come up into the neighboring communities to scour for food.
Little did I know, but they will eat the over ripe fruit as it falls from the trees in fall/winter.
All I have in my neighborhood are rabits! I'm fine with that.


Tash said...

So lovely & beautifully photographed. Nice to see snow.

Philip said...

Excellent I love to see snow we dont get it here so when I see it in a photo i'm very pleased.

Barbara Rahal said...

bbrr snowwwww nice image and those berries out there poor things!

Mark said...

Whats your mailing addy Philip?

I will send you a few tonnes ;-)

JM said...

Beautiful photo! Quite a different scenery from what we have here :-)

Jude said...

Beautiful shot Mark. Thankfully all we see here in the West End are jack rabbits too!

Kris said...

I read once about a moose who got drunk and out of control through eating fermenting fruit that had been through a harsh winter.

Watch out!

smarty said...

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