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Monday, May 5, 2008

A little help

I see a number of photo sites that post much larger and higher resolution pictures that what I am currently able to do.

I am currently downloading the photo directly to the blog via the post funtion.

Can anyone give me a hand?


USelaine said...

Mark, you're currently using a "fixed width" template for your blog. If you go to your account dashboard and click on Presentation, you'll have the option to change templates. It's kind of fun to try them out, and they don't go "live" unless you save it. Look for a template that is not "fixed". I hope that helps.

USelaine said...

Sorry! The word is "Layout" that you want, then the last choice on the right says Change Templates.

Benjamin Madison said...

Or, you can look at my blog - we use the same template. I adjusted the width in the template header and footer from 660px to 860px and the main wrapper to 610px.

Photos you upload in large format to blogger are posted automatically at 400 pixels wide. If you look in the code after you have uploaded a photo you will see /s400 in the code. Remove that and add width="XXXpx" where XXX is the width you want the picture to be. Add this just before the end of the photo code - just before the /> .

If you play around with this a little you will soon see how it works and since you are using a blogger template you can always revert to the original template if you screw it up, without losing any of your posts.

Benjamin Madison said...

Or, there's a more photographically focussed free blog host at aminus3.com - I'm experimenting over there because I like the format better than blogger. I've only posted a few photos but it will give you some idea of the format:


Jackie said...

Thanks for your comment on Glasgow DP. Yes, I've found flickr pretty good - in fact I write my blog posts in flickr (I've enabled my blog there, which as a blogspot user you could do too) so set up what size picture I wanted and the layout there (ie where the picture goes in relation to the text). It does still require a bit of editing which I then do in the blog - for some reason it always posts a bit of random code at the top of the post which I have to delete, but apart from that I've been pleased with it.

I understand that hosting photos in picasa (which I think is a service provided by Google, but could be wrong there) is also worth checking out, I've heard good things about them. Good luck!

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