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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sobeys Downtown Edmonton Sidewalk Chalk Demonstration

Sobeys in Downtown Edmonton WAS my favorite place to shop... Then they covered all their amazing windows with vinyl photos of fruit and veggies. There are a lot of upset people. Enough upset people that Sobeys national marketing team is flying out to meet with a few different people and to reassess their decision. I thought I might help them make up their mind!


Anonymous said...

This was lame beyond belief. This little group of people who dislike the vinyl (ie MasterMaq's cronies) are twits. The vinyl is tasteful and helps to keep the inside of the store at an even temperature - which was badly needed. Some downtown residents LIKE the window coverings - so why is one small group so arrogant to think only their opinions matter?

Mark said...

I'm sorry I am no ones crony...

I did this on my own accord, sorry if you don't like it. Calling people arrogant and names does nothing to solicit people to your side.

The little group of people who are displeased isn't so little!

kcantor said...

It's not a small group of people who detest those "lifestyle images" on what was intended to be open and transparent glazing" and not just at this location. And the group isn't restricted to sidewalk chalk posters. As for "keeping the Inside at an even temperature", that's what mechanical systems and sidewalk trees and canopies are for (you did note that vinyl is all in abase on those photos did you not?).

Ken Cantor

kcantor said...

Aaah the joys of autocorrect and no edit feature... The previous post should be pointing out that that vinyl is all in shade...


Anonymous said...

I dont like it but I think there are much more pressing issues affecting downtown. Like the crime and altercations that occur at 2am from patrons leaving The Gaspump. The residents are fed up!!! I would support a chalk mob at the Gaspump location 100%.

Mark said...

^ Than do it!

I am only one person.. I have to work, clean my house walk my dog etc etc. I can only champion one or two causes at a time.

Street life and making 104st a Vibrant strip is what is important to me, because it's the start of something positive instead of harping at the negatives. Focus on what you want and you will get more of it... Focus on what you don't want and all of a sudden all your energy is going into the negative.

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