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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Canada's Crack

I don't get it.. Can I have a 30 min lineup with my Double Double?
I walk past this line EVERY DAY.
My social urge to you all.. Drink TEA, and have more free time ;-)


Benjamin Madison said...

It must be the only food/beverage outlet for miles. Otherwise I don't get it either.

USelaine said...

When I first read your title, I had a completely different thought - involved a plumber checking under a sink... Oh Canada!

Mark said...

sadley there is a second outlet about a block away... it to has lineups this long or longer.

Kim said...

It's the Tim Bits! ;^)

My husband flew to Toronto for a trade show (city I'VE always wanted to visit. . .boo hoo!) and brought me this love little tiny box that read "Tim Bits." I knew of the popularity of TH donuts up there, and though I'm not a donut fan, I at least wanted to try a nibble. I opened the box only to discover he had eaten them on the plane! So, you think I'm save from a life of addiction?

I like the lighting in this shot, and the way that line goes on FOREVER.

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