Edmonton is one of the largest northern urban centers in the world. Located in Canada, Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. The city has a strong history as a trade center, and it served as the last major stop for the Klondikers during the Gold Rush. This is why we Edmontonions call our city "The Gateway to the North"

Please enjoy my perspective of one of of the fastest growing urban areas this side of China.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Citadel Atrium

This is just a small section of one of my favorite places in Edmonton. I work just down the block from here, and it provides a great lunch time oasis.

This Atrium makes up the main portion for the Citadel play house. The house has 4 theaters in it. Metro Cinema is permanently housed in one space. For 6 or 7 dollars you can see great independent films and old classics. My favorite today was `The Creature from the Black Lagoon`in 3D. The Rice stage is largely dedicated to small and avent garde productions. The Maclabb is my favorite space, as it is almost Theater in the round, but the space is the newest and the most inviting of all the theaters.

Maclabb photo is the work of Gomez Design Photography and is taken from a public Edmonton tourism website.
Last But not least is the Shoctor Theater which is a very classical proscenium stage setup. It is the Largest of the venues.

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