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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Wheels of the Bus Go Through the Snow

This is my husband letting me know how he feels about me taking his picture. It is also the morning,which is his least favorite time of the day.In his defence I am an uber morning person.. I can be a bit much to handle.

We are on the Number 5 bus heading to work.


USelaine said...

I'm with your hub, Mark. Mornings suck until you get to that first cup of coffee at the office. Or maybe the second cup of coffee. Or maybe lunch.

alaya said...

the same here, i'm never in happy mood everytime going to work in the morning

babooshka said...

Tis made me laugh out loud. I hate mornings. Perfect capture of a morning mood.

Kim said...

My husband also usually disliked having his photo taken, and I have a small pile of these kinds of shots and a very few shots where that look of "oh please, don't shoot me" isn't the predominant theme of the photo. I hated that, so I stopped taking photos of him except on family occasions, etc. He passed away after a short bout with brain cancer last year at a young age, and it is actually a big pain to only have these photos where he is looking so displeased with me, which wasn't him at all or our relationship at all. But, it's what is almost exclusively recorded, and I have few photos of him otherwise. Ah, introverts. Your sweetie looks a bit like Ben Aflick, and with the shades, he can just pretend you are the paparazzi tailing him. ;^)

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