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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Ghost of Winter Present

The view from my living room window as reflected by my laptop screen.

It makes the cold gusting wind and snow seem a little more inviting and warmer. Or it could be that winter seems more distant this way.


babooshka said...

Really interesting photo. Not quite sure about it but it's sort of eerie.
Wierdist photo of the day anyway.

Sally said...

Welcome to the DP blogosphere! Long may you stay.

Kris McCracken said...

Nice image. It's always good to see something different.

That's the beauty of digital, I think, it's so easy to experiment and not waste film and time in the darkroom!

Mark said...

I have a friend who can do some AMAZING things with reflections.

With a Masters in Art and 30 years behind the camers.. he is a little up on me.

I am working with nothing but instincts and my camera manual ;-)

Jilly said...

What a clever photo. Love the reflection. Welcome to the CDP family. Like you, I am always inspired by Kim from Seattle too.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo effect. Have fun blogging here.

Greg said...

Now that is an interesting photo. Think it deserves to be enlarged and put up on the wall.

Welcome to the CDP community, hopefully for a long time to come :-)

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